Online Banking

Online Banking Instructions

  1. Go to your local bank and complete an online application.
  2. Your banking representative will provide you with a security code before leaving the bank.
  3. You will receive an email to the address you provided on the online banking application. It will be addressed from and will be labeled as Internet Banking Setup.
  4. The body of the email will contain a hyper-link.
  5. Click on the hyper-link.
  6. The hyper-link will take you to a link that will ask you for the security code provided to you by your banking representive. (Step 2 in the instructions)
  7. The next page will have you set your user name and password. Your password must be 8 characters, a capital letter, a number (1-9), and a special character (!@#$%%)
  8. The next page will have you fill out three security questions with answers. (Please make sure to remember the exact spelling of each answer)
  9. Fill in personal greeting. Pick a personal image. Click Save.
  10. Answer the security question. Click Submit
  11. Your security image will appear with your security phrase, type in password. Click Log In.
  12. You now have access to your account(s). Click on the blue account number you choose to review.

Quicken and QuickBooks Download

With a click of the mouse, you can download your statement into your current version of InTuit Quicken and Quickbooks when using our Internet Banking site. Log on and start saving precious time with this new feature.